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How to Reduce Cellulite Naturally

Reduce Cellulite Naturally

With summer and long days at the beach right around the corner many women are rushing to get their bodies back to their bikini shape. Many women are finding, however, that it’s not the weight that makes getting a bikini body difficult, it’s the cellulite. How can we reduce cellulite naturally?

Posted by: Administrator on 12/9/2014

Best Practices for Swelling After Mastectomy

Swelling After MastectomyHave you recently undergone a chemotherapy session and are scheduled for a lumpectomy and/or mastectomy (removal of breasts) procedure at some point? Are you aware of lymphedema or swelling after mastectomy? Read on to know more.

Posted by: Administrator on 12/2/2014

Top Lymphedema Blogs to Stay Connected


There comes a time in every Lymphedema patient’s life when one feels the need for a friendly shoulder to lean on and reliable advice. Lymphedema blogs are a great way to connect with your friends online “who have been there and overcome all”.

Posted by: Administrator on 12/1/2014