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What Causes Cellulite & How to Prevent It?

What Causes Cellulite

Still wondering about what causes cellulite and how to prevent it? Fret not! We have compiled a list of all the possible factors that cause cellulite to give you all the reliable information that you need in one place. Keep reading.

Posted by: Administrator on 2/19/2015

Best 5 Blogs to Follow in Fight Against Cellulite

Fight Against Cellulite Blogs

Blogs are a great way to read about other people’s experiences, come across new ideas or to simply share your problems with someone who understands them to keep going in your fight against cellulite.

For the sake of your convenience, we have selected the best five blogs for you to follow in this seemingly difficult and de-motivating fight against cellulite. Try and participate in the blog discussions by asking questions or responding to something that you have come across earlier yourself.

Posted by: Administrator on 2/13/2015

Top 10 Foods for a Natural Anti Cellulite Diet

Anti Cellulite Diet

How is your fight against cellulite? Want another exhaustive list of top 10 foods for an anti cellulite diet? We have sorted out a list of 10 cool cellulite-kicking foods which will help you in shaking off those stubborn cellulite.

Pick your favorite foods from the list and inculcate them in your “to-eat” list on a regular basis. For optimal results, pair your cellulite leggings with these yummy foods and feel the difference!

Posted by: Administrator on 2/2/2015