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Lymphedema and Benefits of Lymph Drainage Self Massage

An important part of the circulatory system is the lymphatic system and its job is to eradicate fluid build-up and waste products from the body. It comprises of lymph nodes that are present in several parts of the body such as the neck, under the arms and groins. After a cancer surgery, these nodes often have to be removed which causes a buildup of fluid that causes discomfort and pain. Proper lymph drainage, hence, becomes a matter of substantial importance in reducing the swelling.

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Reducing Lymphedema Swelling Arm

Lymphedema is the abnormal swelling of the extremities- arms and legs- due to the damage caused to lymph nodes for reasons like mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation therapy, accidents or severe infection. The lymphedema swelling arm and leg can however be brought under control by keeping few things in mind.


Exercises Exercising regularly is one of the key methods of restraining the advancement of lymphedema.

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Best Lymphedema Arm Exercises

Women who have toned arms to flaunt are the luckiest! They can wear anything and everything and carry themselves with élan. But does it mean that Lymphedema should stop women from working on a healthy and toned arm? Definitely not. Read along to know about the best Lymphedema arm exercises.

By now, you might be familiar with Lymphedema from our lymphedema leg exercises post, as abnormal swelling in arms and legs due to the impairment in the proper circulation of lymphatic fluids.

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Best Lymphedema Leg Exercises

Following a good exercise routine is the best gift that you can give to yourself. But have you ever wondered about what could be the best Lymphedema leg exercises that suit your comfort and are easy to do? Read along to know more about the perfect Lymphedema exercise program and say hello to happy legs!

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Prevention and Treatment for Lymphedema After Mastectomy

Lymphedema after mastectomy is a common long term after-effect of the procedure of mastectomy (surgical removal of mammary glands/breasts) and can be really painful and discomforting to the recuperating female patient. Lymphedema can appear many months or years later after the surgery and recovery have been completed, and hence remains undetected if one is not careful enough.

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