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About Us

Bioflect Medical Group harnesses the power of body generated Far Infrared Energy (FIR therapy) in combination with intelligent micromassage knitting design to deliver products that have been shown to improve general well-being by optimizing the body's own physiology including improved micro circulation. Improved circulation can provide important benefits including reduced recovery time from injury or surgery, reduced pain from conditions such as arthritis and joint inflammation, and enhanced lymphatic drainage, making our therapy garments ideal for conditions such as lipedema, lymphedema, edema and cellulite.

Bioflect Medical Group is staffed by people who are passionate about movement and well-being so whatever your chosen activity may be, walking around the neighborhood or the demands of competitive sport, our therapy garments can help you achieve your personal objectives. Comfort is a driving principle of all our garments, as this is directly related to increased wearer compliance, consistency of use, and overall garment effectiveness for our users.

"Helping you feel good again."

We take nothing for granted, constantly researching new designs, new materials and challenging ourselves to provide unparalleled solutions for the needs of our customers.

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