POTS syndrome treatment can be tricky  as each person responds to it differently. 


Generally, POTS or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, is treated through the following: 


  • Medications 

Some of the medications prescribe for patients with POTS include: 

  • Beta Blockers 

Although studies have shown that beta blockers have been useful for some patients with POTS, it should be used with caution especially for those with low blood pressure. 


  • Fludrocortisone 

Fludrocortisone’s ability to expand the plasma volume has also been shown to help patients with POTS. However, just like beta blockers, certain precautions are given to some patients as this medication can increase one’s intracranial pressure. 


  • Erythropoietin  

POTS patients with low red blood cell count are often prescribed with erythropoietin.  

Aside from increasing cell mass, erythropoietin is also a potent vasoconstrictor, which helps in elevating the blood pressure of patients with POTS. 


  • Diet and Exercise 

Diet and exercise are crucial parts of the POTS syndrome treatment. 


POTS patients are recommended to  increase their fluid and salt intake to increase the blood volume, cut back on simple carbohydrates (some people with POTS experience worsening of symptoms after having a carbohydrate-rich meal), and taking smaller meals throughout the day. 


As for physical activity, reclined aerobic exercises such as rowing and swimming are highly recommended. Abdominal and leg strengthening exercises are also shown to help in managing the symptoms of POTS. 


  • Compression Garments 

The use of compression garments such as compression support hose and abdominal binders are shown to benefit some patients with POTS as they help reduce the peripheral venous pooling and hypotension. 


Every compression garment is different. So, if you’re looking for one  as part of your POTS syndrome treatment, opt for a high quality product that provides your needed compression yet comfortable enough to wear for hours. Bioflect has a wide range of compression garments you can choose from. 

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