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The Best Exercise For Lymphatic Drainage

Rebounding is considered as the best exercise for lymphatic drainage as it only takes a few minutes each day to stimulate millions of one-way valves that make up the lymphatic system.

Posted by: on 6/9/2017

What Causes Big Calves And How To Prevent Them

Almost everyone have trouble spots in their bodies. Some people have them in their lower extremities like having bigger calves. Big calves can be due to several reasons. They can develop as a result of anatomy, repetitive activity, or fat.

Posted by: on 12/20/2016

Improve The Appearance Of Your Arms With These Arm Slimming Exercises

Do you have trouble improving the appearance of your arms? Then check out these arm slimming exercises that you can try. With regular exercise, these routines can make your arms look slimmer.

Posted by: on 7/26/2016

Help Prevent Shoulder Injury With These Rotator Cuff Exercises

Rotator cuff exercises aren't just for athletes. They are also for regular Joes and Janes who constantly use their shoulders and arms. These exercises do not just strengthen the shoulder muscles but also prevent several rotator cuff injuries.  

Posted by: on 6/21/2016

How Arm Compression Sleeves Can Reduce Lactic Build Up Following Sports

Wearing of arm compression sleeves is a common sight among athletes. Proponents of such compression garments believe that they help improve performance by promoting blood circulation and reducing lactic acid accumulation.

Posted by: on 4/26/2016

Best Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite in Legs Quickly

Get Rid of Cellulite in Legs

In our previous blogs we have been stressing on the need for hard work and dedication in following cellulite workout routines. But what will you do if you have an upcoming event in a few weeks and you have missed your exercises for quite some time? You might be stressing over how to get rid of cellulite in legs in such a short period of time?

Posted by: Administrator on 1/12/2015

Effective Stop Cellulite Workout

Cellulite Workout

Ask any fitness expert how do they fight cellulite and still manage to stay so young and healthy, the answer without any doubt would be the perfect cellulite workout.

Cellulite is nothing more than a layer of stubborn fat which, with proper diet and exercise plan, can be brought under control.

Posted by: Administrator on 1/8/2015

Best Lymphedema Arm Exercises

Women who have toned arms to flaunt are the luckiest! They can wear anything and everything and carry themselves with élan. But does it mean that Lymphedema should stop women from working on a healthy and toned arm? Definitely not. Read along to know about the best Lymphedema arm exercises.

By now, you might be familiar with Lymphedema from our lymphedema leg exercises post, as abnormal swelling in arms and legs due to the impairment in the proper circulation of lymphatic fluids.

Posted by: Administrator on 9/15/2014

Best Lymphedema Leg Exercises

Following a good exercise routine is the best gift that you can give to yourself. But have you ever wondered about what could be the best Lymphedema leg exercises that suit your comfort and are easy to do? Read along to know more about the perfect Lymphedema exercise program and say hello to happy legs!

Posted by: Administrator on 9/8/2014

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