Using Far Infrared for Healing
These days we’re seeing different types of FIR clothing that are making use of infrared energy to heal the body.

Every human, animal, and plant on this planet emit some form of ‘warm’ energy. This is referred to as far infrared. In humans, the intensity of this energy fluctuates regularly. We feel good and easily cope with diseases when the intensity is high. We become more prone to diseases and tend to age quickly when the intensity drops. Far infrared therapy products like FIR clothing help sustain the intensity of the warm energy.

The use of far infrared for health is no longer new. In fact, it has been part of ancient healing tradition in China called palm healing. The healers make use of the energy coming from their hands to facilitate healing.  But these days, you can get the same healing benefits without having to look for a person who can do that for you.

How FIR Clothing Works
Infrared light has been considered as an important energy source as it promotes healing and boosts immune system function. Unlike other sources of heat, the energy coming from far infrared light penetrates the skin without causing damage.

The same energy is now being used in FIR clothing. These products emit energy that provide therapeutic benefits for people with various health complaints. Some of the benefits of these products include muscle pain relief, increase in blood flow, improvement in skin conditions like cellulitis, and weight control.

The Effects of Far Infrared in the Body

Several studies have shown the various health benefits of far infrared therapy. In a study done in 1989, it shows that far infrared benefits patients with insomnia due to its sleep-modulatory effect when applied to the body.

Studies from China show that far infrared therapy can also be beneficial for hemodialysis patients with vascular access malfunction as it improves blood circulation. It’s the same effect that makes the therapy helpful for those with diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Researchers also found out that far infrared therapy has anti-inflammatory properties. Through its induction of heme oxygenase-1, a protective enzyme, it can help relieve inflammation in patients with arthritis. A similar study from China found out that far infrared therapy exerts its anti-inflammatory effect through inhibiting the release of chemokine interleukin-8.

FIR clothing brings the benefits of far infrared in a more convenient package. With these products, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of infrared therapy anytime, anywhere.

Bioflect has a wide range of therapy garments that makes use of the power of infrared therapy. Whether you’re looking for products for cellulite, lymphedema, lipedema, or pain management, Bioflect carries a wide range of products that will suit your needs.

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