Remove Toxins And Boost Your Immune System With Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage, also known as detox massage, does not just benefit those who have lymphedema. The gentle strokes in this special massage technique provide several therapeutic benefits for those suffering from headaches, stress, fluid retention, and many more. 
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What Is Lymphedema And What Can You Do About It

Knowing what is lymphedema is a step closer towards recovery. It allows you to make appropriate choices related to your condition.
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5 Things You Can Do To Improve The Lymphedema In Your Legs

There's no cure for lymphedema in legs but there are things you can do to manage its symptoms and improve your condition. 
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5 Lymphedema Products That Can Assist In Aiding With Fluid Movement

The use of lymphedema products can help provide relief for those who suffer from swelling, discomfort, and physical limitations as a result of obstruction in lymph flow. 
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4 Benefits Of Using A Post Mastectomy Arm Sleeve To Remove Toxin Build Up

Post mastectomy arm sleeve is often recommended to women who underwent mastectomy. Wearing this compression garment provides several benefits including getting rid of toxins and infection-causing microorganisms.
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How The Lymphedema Arm Sleeve Provides Pain Management Relief

Wearing of compression garments like lymphedema arm sleeve is often recommended for women suffering from lymphedema. These compression garments help in relieving pain that results from fluid buildup.
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How Compression Arm Sleeves Can Improve Blood Circulation Post Mastectomy

Post Mastectomy Arm Sleeve

A lot of women who underwent breast cancer surgery are advised to wear post mastectomy arm sleeve. Find out here how these compression garments help in relieving lymphedema, a common side effect of breast cancer surgery.
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6 Ways To Wear A Sleeve Therapy Garment

Aside from quality and choosing the right size, it's equally important to know how to don properly your lymphedema arm sleeve.
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How To Get The Most Impact With Your Far Infrared Garment

far infrared clothingUsing Far Infrared clothing is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of Far Infrared benefits without negative side effects. There are things you can do to make the most of these garments.

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Compression Therapy and Its Role in the Treatment of Lymphedema

lymphedema compression garments

Compression therapy, which involves the use of compression products like lymphedema compression garments, is a popular treatment of choice for conditions like lymphedema. Bioflect therapy garments provide high quality compression garments for conditions like lymphedema.

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