It’s not uncommon for POTS patients to receive recommendation for the use of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome compression tights.  

These tights can benefit patients with conditions that cause lightheadedness or fainting. These include POTS, vaso-vagal syncope, and other conditions causing orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure when standing). 

Although there is no research that can validate the effectiveness of these compression garments in POTS symptoms relief, patients who have tried them can attest to their efficacy. 

The compression brought by these garments is believed to  increase blood return to the heart from the superficial veins in the legs. This, consequently, results to improvement in symptoms like dizziness or lightheadedness. 

Buying Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome Tights 

Some POTS compression tights can be bought from the pharmacy (those that require prescription) while some can be  easily bought online. 

If you haven’t tried any of these garments before, it’s best to try light support tights first to see how it feels on your legs. In many cases, trying out for the first time on more expensive and heavy-duty compression tights only lead to discomfort and negative experience. 

Trying out the lighter support first will give you an idea on how these compression garments feel. If you can tolerate your lighter pair, then you’re more likely to tolerate the heavy duty ones. 

Comfort Tips in Wearing POTS Compression Tights 

If you haven’t worn a pair of compression tights before, your first pair can feel uncomfortable. It’s totally normal. You’ll get used to it the more you use it. 

The following can help you get comfortable with your compression tights: 

  • Always read the manufacturer’s instruction 

A lot of compression garments may look identical but they’re different, unless they’re made from the same company. Hence, it’s always best to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply the tights especially if it’s your first time. 

  • Find the right size and strength of compression 

To make the most of the compression garments, it is advisable to choose one for your size and a pair with compression from the waist high (strength of compression is measured in millimeters of mercury or mmHg). 

  • Don’t hesitate in getting a device for helping you don your tights 

Application of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome compression tights can be tricky especially in the morning. This is why there are devices that can help you with that. Don’t hesitate to get one for ease of application;  it can be worth it. 


Image: stokpic via Pixabay 


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