Top 10 Delicious Anti Cancer Foods

Anti Cancer Foods

Recent research has shown that adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating a foods that are laced with anti-oxidants and other cancer-fighting properties can significantly lower the risk of acquiring cancer. In this blog post, we bring you the top 10 delicious anti cancer foods that you would certainly love to eat.


However, may we remind you that due to the hereditary nature of some specific cancers, it is best to have regular health-checkups and consult your doctor about your proper-diet plan. Now without any further delay, here we go.

The Top Ten Delicious Anti Cancer Foods That You Will Love To Eat:

1) Berries

Who doesn’t like berries? They are the best anti-oxidants rich food that are readily available in all supermarkets or grocery stores. They can be eaten raw or can be put in yogurts, home-made ice-creams or desserts. The anti-oxidants present in berries destroy the abnormal cell growth in pre-cancerous stages and keep you healthy and youthful.

2) Tomatoes

Our good old buddies are packed with the goodness of lycopene, a cancer fighting substance and can be consumed raw as salads or as sauces. It is generally believed that lycopene is absorbed better in liquid state thus, making your own home-made sauce is not a bad idea at all.

3) Grapes

If you love wine, then you can’t be unfamiliar with these super anti-cancer foods. It is already proven that drinking wine in moderation is good for overall health. You can also try unsweetened grape juice if you are not into wine so much.

4)Green Tea

Now green tea is technically a beverage, but a healthy one at that. You might have read about the beautifying and weight-reducing properties of green tea but were you aware that it reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men? Further research is being carried out to study whether they are effective in reducing skin, lung and colon cancer as well.

Additionally, you can make your own herbal green tea or purchase pre-packaged tea-packs. But let us caution you that too much of green tea can be injurious to liver and may cause anxiety in some people. Hence, drink only 3 to 4 cups a day to get the best out of this elixir.

5) Sweet Potatoes

These wondrous roots are amongst the delicious anti cancer foods containing beta-carotene. Try them if you haven’t already and soak in their goodness.

6) Brown Rice

If you love rice and don’t want to do away with them completely then try the brown rice, which is way healthier than your regular starched white rice. If you are amongst the few people who don’t like brown rice much, then you might like the other anti cancer foods. Keep reading!

7) Salmon and Other Fish like Red Snapper and Halibut

Add dollops of Omega-3 in your diet by consuming these lean fish to contain the pre-cancerous cells from flaring up.

8) Mushroom

Those tiny toad-stools are the magical food that fight cancer quite naturally. More reason to have those creamy mushroom soups in winter evenings.

9) Kale

Some people might not find it “delicious” but kale is your go-to green leafy veggie that will help in keeping the cancer at bay.

10) Seaweed

The new entry in anti cancer foods, seaweed contain chlorophylones, beta carotene and other important minerals. You might need a little time to adjust to the taste but once you like it, you will certainly find it delicious.

That’s all for now, keep reading our blog for more health and nutritional tips.

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