Top 10 Foods for a Natural Anti Cellulite Diet

Anti Cellulite Diet

How is your fight against cellulite? Want another exhaustive list of top 10 foods for an anti cellulitediet? We have sorted out a list of 10 cool cellulite-kicking foods which will help you in shaking off those stubborn cellulite.

Pick your favorite foods from the list and inculcate them in your “to-eat” list on a regular basis. For optimal results, pair your cellulite leggings with these yummy foods and feel the difference!

Top 10 Anti Cellulite Diet Foods

1. Eggs

Most likely, you might be familiar with the benefits of having eggs for breakfast. They are a good source of protein andother important vitamins and minerals like iodine, iron, vitamins A, D, E and B12 and Zinc.

Compared to the egg yolk, egg whites have lower fat and lower calories content. Many fitness enthusiasts thus swear by the goodness of egg whites for an ideal weight loss program as it aids in building muscle mass without adding any extra fat on the body.

Make egg whites an important part of your anti cellulite diet and reap the benefits of a healthy diet. However, if you like egg yolks then you can totally have them in your breakfast omelette. No big deal! Just as long as you are having the good-old eggs.

2. Chilli and cayenne peppers

Chilli and cayenne pepper are another great anti cellulitediet as they are an excellent source of vitamins B6, C and E and also potassium. Capsaicin, the major ingredient in chilli and cayenne peppers is said to increase the body's ability of burning energy by up to 25%. Capsaicin also acts as a natural appetite-suppressant which will make you less hungrier than usual, thus making you eat less.

3. Dandelion Leaves

Although bitter in taste, dandelion leaves have diuretic and detoxifying properties along with vitamin C and E. Fresh dandelion leaves can be used as herbal tea or in salads.

4. Kale

Kale is a super-food and charged with cellulite fighting nutrients like calcium, vitamin C and potassium. It is also very low in calories and contains zero fat.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Your go-to detox option Apple cider vinegar not only flushes out toxin but also reduces water retention in stomach and thighs hence reducing the appearance of cellulite.

6. Asparagus

Asparagus is an all-round anti cellulite diet. It containspotassium, insulin and anamino acid called asparagine. It alsostrengthens the capillaries and veins and controls the blood pressure.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, potassium, vitamins C and E along with some anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidants are the most important cellulite fighting agents and must be taken regularly.

8. Oily fish

Oily fish like mackerel and salmon are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid which helps in metabolising fat and thus reducing cellulite.

9. Bananas

Bananas have highest potassium-to-sodium ratio and also promote healthy blood flow in the body, thus ridding the body of toxins that cause cellulite.

10. Rosemary

Rosemary contains rosmarinic acid that helps in protecting the tissues from free radical damage. It also stimulates blood circulation which makes it an important part of a good anti cellulite diet.

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