Compression Garments in the Sports Industry

Wearing of arm compression sleeves is a common sight in the sports industry. From marathon runners to gym goers, it seems that arm compression sleeve is a must-have for every serious sports and fitness enthusiast.

Proponents of compression garments believe that wearing them can help improve performance. This has something to do on how compression garments improve blood circulation and reduce lactic acid buildup.

How Lactic Acid Builds Up

The body generates most of its energy through an aerobic process; that is, through the use of oxygen. However, in certain situations like when performing strenuous activities such as sports or strength training, the body’s need for oxygen exceeds its ability to supply it. This triggers a response from the muscles to generate energy through anaerobic process.

The anaerobic process involves a process called glycolysis or the breaking down of glucose for energy. A substance called pyruvate is the result of this process.

When there is sufficient supply of oxygen in the body, pyruvate is further broken down in the aerobic pathway for more energy. But in cases of insufficient oxygen supply, pyruvate is converted by the body into a substance called lactate to continue energy production.

Lactate can build up as the anaerobic process continues. Accumulation of lactate in the body increases the acidity in the muscle cells which affects the same metabolic pathways that enable the glucose to be broken down as energy.

Lactic acid buildup does not result to muscle soreness but rather to the burning sensation felt in the muscles. The discomfort felt is the body’s way of protecting itself as it’s only through giving the muscles a rest that the body can clear up the lactate.

Effect of Compression Garments on Lactic Acid Buildup

Wearing of compression garments like the arm compression sleeves can benefit the athlete especially when worn during recovery period. In a study on the effect of compression garment during exercise and recovery, it shows that there is a significant improvement in the removal of lactate during the recovery period.

Wearing of compression garments also benefit the athlete as wearing of graduated compression improves blood flow which helps deliver nutrients to the muscles and thus, prevent muscle soreness.

Bioflect Therapy Garments offer a wide range of compression garments including arm compression sleeves. These are not just another compression clothing that you can elsewhere. These garments make use of the latest fabric nanotechnology that improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation and pain.

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