Best Compression Garments For Lipedema

What is lipedema?

Lipedema, contrary to popular belief, is not a result of obesity. It is a hereditary long-term chronic condition of an abnormal increase in the number of fat cells with pathological changes. This is a disease almost exclusively seen in women. Although the causes are not yet known, doctors suspect that hormones play a big part in the role. It can develop or get worse during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, or after a traumatic surgical procedure. 

Lipedema can be characterized as asymmetrical swelling in the legs, things, buttocks and sometimes arms. It can be painful and can cause extreme discomfort. 

Treatments for Lipedema

There are known scientific treatments and procedures for lipedema. Liposuction and Manual Lymphatic Drainage are popular but the most common and economical treatment is the use of compression garments paired with regular exercise. 

Recommended Compression Garments For Lipedema Treatment

Compression garments provide support and mimic the natural effect of the skin. It increases the pressure in the tissues and improves drainage of the fluids. In dealing with reducing the effects of lipedema through wearing compression garments, it is best to consult and get fitted by a specialist.

Here are a few recommendations for different stages of lipedema: 

1. CCL 2 or CLL3 Compression Stockings

Seamless, round knit compression stockings can help reduce or keep lipedema at bay. 

This recovery tool is preferably worn every day or at least 3 times a week. The stockings are also available in varying colors to complement one’s style. 

2. Flat-Knit Compression Garments 

Flat Knit Compression Garments are already recommended during stage 1 of lipedema but are more crucial to use during stage 2. 

The nature of the garment allows it to sit flat against the skin and bridge gaps that may occur due to creases and folds that will naturally occur. 

Flat-knit compression garments are better at managing swelling because of their stiffness preventing it from digging and irritating the skin. 

3. Compression Sleeves 

Compression sleeve sounds just like what it is. It is designed to support the skin by keeping the lymph moving in the right direction. 

There are also different variations of this type of garment: a sleeve for the arms and a glove or a gauntlet without the finger openings. 

There is still no scientific study to back the benefits of using compression sleeves alone, however, it is reported to be an effective and sometimes vital garment in one’s overall rehabilitation plan. 

4. Micro massaging Compression

Another great option for lipedema is micro massaging compression. These garments use a textured material (i.e. 3D knit/cotton/spandex) that stimulates the lymphatics as you move.

When it comes to compression level, micro massaging compression garments are usually on the low side, ranging from 12 to 21 mmHg. This is their biggest advantage as they are neither difficult to put on or wear. 

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