How Far Infrared Therapy Products Can Help Skin Conditions

far infrared therapy productsThe use of Far Infrared Therapy products like far infrared heating pads, portable sauna, carbon heaters, mat, mineral lamp, and far infrared elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle support has been becoming popular these days. While studies have shown that there are practical benefits of these products in certain health conditions, can they help improve skin conditions? This post outlines the skin benefits of Far Infrared Therapy.

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Can Compression Garments Reduce Cellulite?

anti cellulite shapewear

Does anti cellulite shapewear really work? This post looks into the different options for getting rid of cellulite including the use of compression garments.
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Compression Therapy and Its Role in the Treatment of Lymphedema

lymphedema compression garments

Compression therapy, which involves the use of compression products like lymphedema compression garments, is a popular treatment of choice for conditions like lymphedema. Bioflect therapy garments provide high quality compression garments for conditions like lymphedema.

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Treating Lymphedema With Compression Arm Sleeves

lymphedema compression arm sleeves

The use of lymphedema compression arm sleeves is usually part of the overall treatment plan for breast cancer patients who are suffering from lymphedema.
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