How To Improve Pain Management With Post Operative Compression Garments

Plus Size Compression Garments

Wearing therapeutic garments like the plus size compression garments after surgery often helps in alleviating pain. Find out in this post how these compression garments help in reducing pain.
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Why Some People Get Cellulite And How You Can Minimize It

anti cellulite leggingsWearing anti-cellulite garments like anti-cellulite leggings are one of the ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Find out here the other ways to reduce cellulite and reasons why some people get it while others don't.

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How Compression Arm Sleeves Can Improve Blood Circulation Post Mastectomy

Post Mastectomy Arm Sleeve

A lot of women who underwent breast cancer surgery are advised to wear post mastectomy arm sleeve. Find out here how these compression garments help in relieving lymphedema, a common side effect of breast cancer surgery.
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6 Ways To Wear A Sleeve Therapy Garment

Aside from quality and choosing the right size, it's equally important to know how to don properly your lymphedema arm sleeve.
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Latest Exercises To Help The Fight Against Cellulite

lipedema products

Combining the use of lipedema products and other methods for getting rid of cellulite like exercise can significantly improve the appearance of this stubborn skin problem.

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