4 Things You Need To Know About The Lymphedema Treatment Act

The use of compression garments is vital to the successful treatment of the incurable condition lymphedema.

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How Lymphedema Arm Sleeves Reduce Toxin Buildup

Lymphedema arm sleeves can help prevent toxin buildup as their added pressure on the area promotes good lymph flow. These therapeutic garments are beneficial for people suffering from arm swelling as a result of obstruction in their lymphatic system. 
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Medical Compression Leggings To Suit Plus Size Sufferers

Plus size medical compression leggings can provide relief to plus size men and women suffering from cellulite, lipedema, and lymphedema.
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Plus Size Comfort For Lymphedema Sufferers

Plus size women suffering from mild lymphedema can benefit from using plus size lymphedema garments. The pressure provided by these garments promote proper circulation of the lymph. 
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Gentle Lymphedema Exercises You Can Do Following Mastectomy

Lymphedema is one of the complications after breast cancer surgery. You can reduce the swelling after mastectomy by doing lymphedema exercise while wearing arm compression sleeves.
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