Top Lipedema Blogs To Follow

If you’re dealing with lipedema, these top lipedema blogs can help you deal with your condition. They are packed with helpful resources and offers a community whom you can seek for support as you battle this fat disorder.

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How Lymphedema Is Diagnosed

Early lymphedema diagnosis especially on the earliest stages can help in preventing further swelling and possible complications of the disease.
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Does lymphedema massage work?

When done well, lymphedema massage can be a gentle and noninvasive way of reducing the swelling from lymphedema. It is best done with compression therapy and certain lifestyle changes.

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Can obesity cause lymphedema?

Researchers found out that there’s a link between lymphedema and obesity. Lymphedema can predispose an individual to become obese while obesity can increase one’s chance of developing lymphedema.

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Is lymphedema fatal?

Is lymphedema fatal? It’s a common question people with lymphedema ask. The condition itself is not life-threatening but its complications are. However, there are things one can do to prevent them from occurring.

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