Can Diet Alone Manage Lipedema?

Sticking to a lipedema diet plays an important role in keeping lipedema from progressing to lymphedema. But it takes more than just a diet to manage the condition. 
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4 Anti Inflammatory Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Incorporating anti inflammatory diet in your lifestyle can help prevent the occurrence or alleviate the symptoms of inflammatory conditions like arthritis. 
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Boost Your Lymphatic System With These Superfoods

There are super foods for the lymphatic system. These foods help ensure proper flow of the lymph by helping clean the body tissues and getting rid of excess fluid. 
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3 Lymphatic Drainage Exercises For Your Legs

Lymphatic drainage exercises for legs help improve circulation of the lymph on the lower extremities. When done regularly and correctly, they can help alleviate the swelling and the discomfort.

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