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We love hearing about how Bioflect® has helped our users in so many different walks of life. Please share your Bioflect® experience to our community and help us spread the word.
"WONDERFUL for women who have Lipoedema" Cynthia W. CA, USA. 1/4/2015

"I see everyone here buys these for cellulite. I'm here to tell you they are WONDERFUL for women who have Lipoedema, an adipose disease that causes pain and column-like legs, and can also be in your arms. I wear the pant leggings and the arm sleeves and love, love, love them. They help with the pain and to help move the lymph fluid, which does not move well with Lipoedema."

Cynthia uses Bioflect® Lymphedema Compression Leggings & Lymphedema Compression Arm Sleeves Wrap.

"Just for Us with the condition of Lymphedema/Lipedema" Carol. USA. 1/10/2015

"I am soo glad that these garments are available. I have been using just spandex garments after I sort of discovered that I have LIPEDEMA. I did a lot of research as I live in a rural community and this is not a typical problem. I get online often to see if there is any new treatment or therapy I can try. I purchased one pair of bioflect long pants and LOVE them. Getting them on takes time but is well worth it. I also love the way they come up high on my midriff for added support. They do not wiggle down as the spandex often would, so they stay in place. I have already ordered two more pair. Thank you so much for finally producing a garment just for us with the condition of LYMPHEDEMA/LIPEDEMA!!!"

Carol uses Bioflect­® Lymphedema Compression Leggings.

"Wonderful Compression" LAE VA, USA. 1/12/2015

"I give these pants a five star, I have tried multiple brands and sizes of compression the XXL fit my 4'10 220 pound frame great with lymphedema/lipedema Wish this product was around sooner!"

LAE uses Bioflect® Lymphedema Compression Leggings.

"Comfortable Compression. Cooling, Energizing Support. Affordable. Perfect!"Tina Oregon. 9/4/2014

"Recently diagnosed with Lipedema, (a genetic disorder that causes all-over lymphedema-type water retention) I went in search of compression garments as prescribed by my physician. Since I am required to wear compression for arms, legs, and trunk year-round, I needed something functional, versatile, and affordable. My first experience was with custom-made garments that looked atrocious and were so painful to wear. When I found this product, I LOVED IT!!! Because they are so understated, they do not draw undue attention and are easy to incorporate with most outfits--casual to professional. I wear the capri pants for leggings under dresses and with jean pants and capris. The stretch and breath-ability of the materials create comfortable compression support without causing pain or overheating like Lymphedema products can. After a few months of wearing these, I have been able to see a decrease in the measured circumference of my thighs, knees, and buttocks, as well as a marked difference in the firmness of my skin and a lessening of stored lymphatic fluids, resulting in a drastic decrease in pain. I have tried others on the market and these are as high of quality, but better priced and non see-through. The only drawbacks of these compared to the other brand I tried is that 1.)these are not currently covered by insurance for therapeutic compression, and, 2.)you better get your size right because there are no returns. Being compression garments, they are great for workouts and provide a cooling effect on hot days when misted with water. I highly recommend these capris for any type of Lipedema or Lymphedema compression garment needs. Sizing was spot on".

Tina uses Bioflect® Lymphedema Compression Capri Leggings & Lymphedema Compression Arm Sleeves Wrap.

"I highly recommend these"Lynn USA. 1/14/2015

"These leggings are a MUST have! I purchased my first pair and loved them so much that only after a month of two I just had to have another pair. They are very comfortable and extremely flattering and after yrs of struggling with leg pain these actually help and I just can't wait to get home from work to put them on. They are by far my favorite pair(s) of leggings. I can't wait til spring so I can order them in Capri length as well. I highly recommend these and the company as they are amazing to work with :)"

Lynn uses Bioflect® Lymphedema Compression Leggings.

"Impact on Fluid Movement in my Legs...Remarkable" Anne A. Tennessee. 1/24/2015

"I agree with the other reviewers here in regards to the look and effectiveness of the leggings for smoothing purposes. However, I have to say that I use these leggings to help with the effects of Lymphedema. For more than 2 years now I have dealt with the pain, numbing, and swelling that comes with this condition. I purchased this product with the hopes that it would bring me some relief, and I have not been disappointed. The compression level is just right - not uncomfortable at all - and the impact it has made on fluid movement in my legs has been remarkable."

Anne uses Bioflect­® Lymphedema Compression Leggings.

"Lipedema Sufferer"Tina, St. Louis. 2/19/2015

"I cannot believe how comfortable these garments are. I am not constantly adjusting them and they are not nearly as hot as my other compression. They are also thick enough to wear as a legging. These are the only compression I will buy from now on."

Tina uses Bioflect® Lymphedema Compression Leggings.

"I LOVE THEM!!"Cynthia K., Florida. 3/10/2015

"I LOVE THEM!! I noticed a difference the very first time I had them on. I sleep in them and they are not too hot or too uncomfortable. I hardly know I have them on. I also wear them to the gym under my yoga pants. I have been searching for something like this ever since the Medisana shorts, capris and slacks were discontinued. I have become a huge fan of your products and will be placing future orders for another set of capri pants and the arm compression thing."

Cynthia uses Bioflect® Anti Cellulite Capri Compression Leggings.

" Compliance for Controlling Lymphedema!"S.R., North Carolina. 6/04/2015

"Very good quality garment and at a reasonable price. This product is good for the a lady that is looking for all day comfort without feeling like you are struggling to wear due to poor fit. This will help to meet compliance with controlling lymphedema."

S.R. uses Bioflect® Lymphedema Compression Shorts.

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