Complex Regional Pain Syndrome compression stockings can help in reducing the swelling in the legs, which in turn reduces dystonia, the burning sensation, and other associated problems with the syndrome.  

Understanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, CRPS is a condition that affects the nerves.  


Medical experts are still perplexed with the occurrence of CRPS.  The syndrome is still a mystery to many though it is believed that its development has something to do with damage or malfunction of the central nervous system. 


It usually occurs after some form of trauma (e.g. fracture). Instead of healing, the injured site usually gets worse especially with the pain quality. The most common telltale symptom of the syndrome is continuous and constant pain.  


The pain can occur in any part of the body but usually affects the limb. 


 CRPS can happen to anyone although it's commonly seen in women.

Using Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Compression

Donning a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome compression garment can be tricky especially with the painful hypersensitivity to touch. Some people though find it helpful to do desensitization exercises before putting on or removing the compression garment. 


Not all compression garments are created the same. So, when it comes to choosing a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome compression stockings, it's best to opt for a brand that has been tested to work for pain-related conditions 


Dealing with CRPS isn't easy but with the right treatment plan, the pain and other associated symptoms can be managed. 

Image: Iburiedpaul via Flickr

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