What are compression garments?

Compression garments are a recommended treatment of choice for people affected by lipedema.
Lipedema is a skin condition that is mostly seen in women. It affects the buttocks, legs, and arms. It is a swelling caused by the irregular distribution of fat and is oftentimes mistaken for obesity.

Lipedema is seen in approximately 11% of women and is a reality many are living. Causes are still unknown but doctors suggest that female hormones and genetics are the main culprits.

There are many modern treatments for lipedema but a more economical and conservative clinical suggestion is the use of compression garments.

Compression garments are reported to improve blood and lymph flow. Overall, lipedema can be treated and stabilized through this stylish and comfortable alternative to more expensive treatments.

Benefits of Compression Garments

There are various reported health and wellness benefits of using compression garments.

The following are the top 3 favorites:

1. Comfort   Lipedema has been causing women of different ages discomfort, numbness, and pain for decades. The use of compression garments are shown to help improve these symptoms.

2. Reduce inflammation
Compression garments can help reduce and control lipedema. If fitted well, these tools can encourage the movement of the lymph fluid through the lymphatic system. Studies suggest that using it 24 hours a day keeps swelling down while maintaining the effects of different non-surgical techniques like manual lymphatic drainage. It is also compulsory to use compression garments during exercise to make sure that leg and other bodily circumferences don’t increase further.
3. Preventing or reducing the symptoms
The most vital benefit of using compression garments is lipedema management. While these garments won’t reduce the fat accumulation and distribution, they can help in maintaining and managing the condition. Compression garments also help in the remodeling of the tissue. 

Compression Garments for Lipedema Management

Although compression garments do not promise quick improvements, it is scientifically proven to be vital in the recovery of people affected by lipedema in all of its stages. 

Image: Vladimir Pustovit via Flickr

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