far infrared clothing

Far Infrared Clothing

There has been an increasing popularity in the use of Far Infrared (FIR) clothing especially among those suffering from arthritic pain and problems in blood circulation. The fibers found in these garments are a special blend of polypropylene and lead-free bio-ceramics. These bio-ceramics, which stay in the fiber even after washing, play an important role in emitting the Far Infrared rays.

Far Infrared Benefits

The use of Far Infrared clothing is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the benefits of Far Infrared light, one of the safest forms of natural therapy. This form of energy is easily absorbed by the body and provides several health benefits without yielding negative effects.

Some of the health benefits of wearing Far Infrared clothing include improvement in blood circulation, relief of pain from arthritis, muscle, or joint discomfort, enhancement of white blood cell and immune function, reduction of cellulite, and improvement of metabolism between the blood and the tissues.

Making the Most of Far Infrared Clothing

While wearing this type of therapeutic garments can already provide you with several benefits, there are things you can do to make sure that you get the most of their health effects. These include the following:

1. Drink more water

Far Infrared rays are absorbed more easily by water molecules. Hence, by drinking more water Far Infrared rays can be better absorbed by the body.

2. Use it regularly

Sometimes, it takes time to feel the effect of Far Infrared therapy. It usually depends on your condition and the type of garment use. So it’s best to wear the Far Infrared clothing regularly or per doctor’s advice.

Bioflect’s therapy garments offers less compression than traditional compression garments made for lymphedema and lipedema. Hence, they’re more comfortable to wear. The more comfortable you are in your compression garment, the more likely you are to comply to the doctor’s advice.

3. Choose your size well

Wearing compression garments that are not your size can affect comfort and in return, compliance. So when looking for Far Infrared clothing, make sure that you’re choosing the size that suits you well. If it’s your first time to buy a compression garment, you can look into the size chart of the vendor as a guide.

The advancement in science and technology has made it possible for many of us to take advantage of the benefits of certain natural therapies like Far Infrared.

For Far Infrared clothing that provides you with all the benefits of FIR therapy without the constricting feeling, check out the collection of Bioflect Therapy Garments.

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