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The science and design behind Bioflect® therapy garments guarantees you the most effective multi functional therapy garment available on the market. Bioflect® garments harness the energy of your own body to promote self healing. Advanced micromassage knitting technology and intelligent design guarantee a host of therapeutic benefits including enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage, increased skin elasticity, cellulite reduction, pain reduction, and overall reduction of lactic acid build up after sporting activity. Bioflect® garment properties are summarized in brief below:

Bioflect FIR technology system arises from Bioflect's exclusive bioactive fibers that reflects the body's own energy waves back to the body, which stimulates the body's micro circulation and can help alleviates symptons associated with pain, cellulite, swelling, etc. Bioflect FIR Technology fabric is everlasting and will last the lifetime of the garment. Moreover, there is no migration of chemical and other additive substances to the skin. You utilize your own body's energy and body heat to heal itself.

Micromassage Bioflect's micro stimultating 3D ripple knit micromassages the skin with the body's natural body movements. The ripples create diversified pressure points along the skin and massage the skin as you move, stimulating enhanced lymph drainage and release of trapped toxins. Better circulation and drainage reduces the appearance of cellulite and tones the appearance of the skin, resulting in a more sleek silhouette. Massage has been proven as effective technique for skin toning, cellulite reduction and pain management.

Bioflect® functionality is boosted by the clinical grade compression fabric, which is prescribed by doctors to increase circulation, reduce water retention and swelling. Compression technology reduces fatigue and improves muscle power, whiles reshaping and redefining curves. Therapeutic Compression garments alleviate pain, reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, and reduces the time taken for muscles to repair themselves. Bioflect® FIR Technology and Ripple Knit Construction are further enhanced by its clinical grade compression fabric. Bioflect garments are ideal for sports, pain management as well as aesthetic objectives.

Bioflect's bacteriostatic silver nano particles minimize the proliferation of bacteria and prevent odors.

Bioflect® fabric offers better body thermoregulation. Thermoregulatory properties allow the body to remain in the thermal neutral zone, maintain the body's core temperature in diverse environments. This makes Bioflect® garments ideal for all your sporting activities and a perfect base layer for winter sports.

Bioflect® garments are made with breathable fibers and are latex free for comfort. Absolutely no rubbers or neoprene are used in our garments!

Advanced 3D engineering offers the most comfortable fit as Bioflect® garments are designed and Knitted along the anatomical lines of your body. The seams are flat and kept to a minimum thanks to the 3D rotary knitting technology . The cut is snug but soft, so you should not feel constrained in your movements, but have the freedom to give the best of yourself. Bioflect® has an amazing fit and a remarkable stability..

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