Far infrared therapy research revealed that the use of far infrared therapy can benefit one’s health in several ways.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are also known as the “warm” energy. These are invisible waves of energy that are capable of penetrating all layers of the human body including its innermost tissues, muscles, and even the bones.

Health Benefits of FIR Therapy

The use of FIR for healing is no longer new. These waves of energy are used to slightly elevate the body’s temperature. A slight increase in the body’s temperature can enhance body functioning in different ways.

Far infrared therapy research revealed that FIR is effective in treating several conditions. It can be used for detoxification, improving blood circulation and oxygen supply, improving symptoms of chronic fatigue, and when used properly, it can be used for normalizing the blood pressure.

Application of FIR

Although the use of heat for healing is no longer new, it’s only in the recent years that new ways of passing this energy have been discovered.

In the past, most techniques of using heat therapy are uncomfortable and in certain ways detrimental to one’s well being. Over the course of many decades, new tools have been invented that incorporates the FIR technology.  These include FIR mats, lamps, saunas, and even compression garments that help in improving conditions like pain and stiffness.

Bioflect Therapy Garments is a reliable source of compression garments that make use of FIR technology.

Since Far Infrared Rays can penetrate the skin and the underlying tissues, therapeutic garments that are made using the FIR technology can stimulate the body in order to generate heat naturally. This elevation in body temperature creates changes in the body structures that lead to improvement in blood microcirculation.

Compression garments that utilize the FIR technology are ideal to use by those suffering from conditions that result from problems in blood and lymphatic fluid circulation.

Far infrared therapy research is a proof that sometimes, the treatment that we need can be simply found around us. Thanks to technology, the use of FIR for healing can be done with so much ease now.

Image: julien haler

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