Best 5 Blogs to Follow in Fight Against Cellulite

Fight Against Cellulite Blogs

Blogs are a great way to read about other people’s experiences, come across new ideas or to simply share your problems with someone who understands them to keep going in your fight against cellulite.

For the sake of your convenience, we have selected the best five blogs for you to follow in this seemingly difficult and de-motivating fight against cellulite. Try and participate in the blog discussions by asking questions or responding to something that you have come across earlier yourself.

A healthy discussion would keep you in the loop on what is the latest ‘in’ thing in the fight against cellulite that others are doing and you haven’t even heard about. And who knows, you may even find new friends to keep you pumped up and counsel you in times of desperation.

The following blogs are not listed in any preferential order. You can look up any of them first but do remember to go through them all and follow what they have so painstakingly mentioned. Don’t just read about cellulite-workout or diet plans, follow them in real life too.

So here we go:

Best 5 Blogs to follow in one’s fight against cellulite:

1.) – Selene Yeager has taken upon herself to tell you about how you can beat cellulite in just 6 steps. Read through this detailed blog patiently and make a note of important comments or tips mentioned there regarding each workout routine.

It is highly important that you follow the listed instructions carefully as any mishap during the workout can cause serious injuries and pain. This blog is also a treasure-house for all the fitness related topics and you can spend hours reading all the interesting ones.

2.) – Joe Dowdell is not your regular strength coach but a personal trainer to famous television and movie stars, pro athletes and musicians. If popularity is any indicator, then he is amongst the most renowned and sought-after fitness-expert across the world.

Learn it from him in his unique motivating training style and say au revoir to embarrassing cellulite. This blog is committed to spread the love for healthy-eating, fitness, lifestyle and weight loss. You just can’t miss this one!

3.) – If you liked Joe Dowdell’s style, then here is another blog for you to get fit and healthy by doing some serious anti-cellulite workout for your lower body. You can also check out their blogs on anti-cellulite diet and cool Zumba moves to slim down the dancing way. No kidding! Check it out right away.

4.) – Melissa started this blog in 2009 and has dedicated it entirely to just anti-cellulite remedies. She refers to herself as the lead cellulite investigator and in her own words, she is excited to share her experiences and knowledge with like-minded women and spread it around. The blog’s UI (user interface) is attractive and covers all the topics in a systematic manner. Have a look for yourself!

5.) – Have queries about dry-brushing? Then read this blog. You won’t feel clueless about dry-brushing ever again! Combine your dry-brushing routine with cellulite leggings after shower and feel the difference in no time.

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