The Importance of the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems of the body. It has an important role to play in detoxification as it carries wastes away from the body’s tissues. These wastes are then filtered by the liver and the kidneys. When the lymphatic system is not working well, the body wastes can accumulate leading to diseases and infections.

One way to ensure proper functioning of the lymphatic system is by getting proper nourishment for the body.

Super Foods for the Lymphatic System

Some foods can clog the system, causing sluggish flow of the lymphatic fluid. When this happens, you can be prone to infection and inflammation. Don’t let this from happening by including these super foods for your lymphatic system:

Leafy Greens

The chlorophyll found in your leafy greens has cleansing properties that can benefit both your blood and lymph. Opt for darker greens such as kale, collard greens, spinach, and turnip greens.


Berries are perfect for smoothies and snacks as they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Berries like blueberries and cranberries have detoxifying properties that aid the lymphatic system in getting rid of body wastes. Cranberries are known for boosting the lymph flow.

Nuts and Seeds

There’s a good reason why nuts and seeds are considered to be super foods for the lymphatic system. They are rich in fatty acids that contributes to vascular health, ensuring proper absorption of fat soluble vitamins and help in getting rid of fat soluble wastes.

Some of the healthiest nuts and seeds include almonds, chia, pumpkin, flax, and sunflower seeds.


Congestion in the lymphatic system may start in the digestive system. Stress is one of the things that can trigger it.

Turmeric is a wonderful spice as it works on the mucosa of the gut which helps in ensuring proper absorption of the nutrients and elimination of body wastes.


There are different types of seaweed that are considered to be super foods for the lymphatic system. A healthy seaweed drink isn’t just nutrient-dense but also a good detox for the body. It helps in elimination of excess fluid which can lead to congestion in the lymphatic system.

These foods are a great addition to your meals even if you’re not experiencing yet the symptoms related to lymph congestion.

Aside from these super foods for the lymphatic system, wearing compression garments is another effective way to boost the lymphatic flow. Bioflect Therapy Garments have a wide range of high quality therapeutic garments for conditions caused by congestion in the lymphatic system.

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