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Best Natural Home Remedies for Cellulite

Home Remedies for Cellulite

Cellulite’, the dreaded c-word is enough to shatter the bikini body fantasy of any woman. This is perhaps the only dimpled-look that every woman would reject at once. But what exactly is cellulite? And like all beauty problems, are there any home remedies for cellulite removal?

Technically, cellulite is just an ordinary layer of fat under your skin’s connective tissue which when pushed against the skin gives it an uneven, dimpled or orange-peel like look.

Contrary to popular beliefs, even slim people can have cellulite and so do men. In fact cellulite are quite harmless and can be reduced effectively. This is where home remedies for cellulite removal come in handy.

According to WebMD, you may have cellulite due to hereditary reasons, poor eating habits, dehydration, hormonal changes, low metabolic rate, lack of exercise or poor lymphatic drainage causing accumulation of toxins in your body. For this reason, loss of weight with proper diet and exercises is a much better option than fad diets for cellulite reduction.

These underlying causes of cellulite should alert us against the false promises of the cellulite removal treatments or creams which do more damage than good, as any cellulite removal treatment (except laser) can at best lessen the problem but not completely uproot it, especially if it is hereditary.

So what should be your best strategy? Fret not, at any given rate, home remedies for cellulite removal are your best odds which would make your body look better without the harmful effects of these costly cosmetic procedures.

So let us go through these easy and basic home remedies for cellulite removal and flaunt that bikini-body with élan :

1.) Make a paste of crushed leftover coffee beans and apply it over the cellulite prone areas. Caffeine- the essential component of coffee grounds is believed to reduce cellulite naturally upon application by dilating the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow. You may use it alone or with a little luke-warm olive oil.

You can also wrap the cellulite problem area with a plastic and rinse off before shower. For best results, use it at least 2 times a week for few months.

2.) Apply apple cider vinegar directly on the skin or make an oral solution with two teaspoons in a glass of water. To add a bit of taste, you can add honey as a healthy alternative to sugar for this solution.

If the vinegar is too harsh for your skin, mix it with your favourite massage oil and give yourself a relaxing massage. This will also aid in proper lymph flow and keep you stress-free. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of almond, fennel and rosemary essential oil for massage.

3.) Dry-brush the problem area to increase the blood circulation for cellulite reduction along with removal of the dead skin cells. The dry-brushing should be done in circular motion in the direction of lymphatic system to remove the accumulated toxins. You can apply extra virgin coconut oil for added benefits.

Additionally, wearing proper compression or slimming garments would be beneficial as well.

4.) Keep your body thoroughly hydrated and consume green tea along with adequate physical activity and balanced diet.

Browse through our customized range of cellulite reduction slimming garments and start your home remedies for cellulite reduction program with ease and comfort today.

Posted by: on 1/7/2015
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