Lipedema and 8 Lipedema Blogs to Follow

Lipedema or Lipoedema, not to be confused with Lymphedema, is the abnormal accumulation of fat in adipose tissues of hips, thighs, and legs (sparing the feet). Generally believed to be of a hereditary nature, Lipedema is rarely diagnosed in males and therefore seems to be a female-specific problem.

Under-studied and lesser-known, this condition is often erroneously taken for obesity and compound the body-image issues in the female populace. One of the peculiar characteristics of Lipedema is that it affects the body laterally, waist down and in some cases arms too, due to hormonal or hereditary reasons.

Unfortunately there has been no preventive cure for this chronic condition and exercise and dieting don't reverse it either.

A lot of Lipedemic women remain unaware about their condition until the last stages which necessitates the need for an awareness; while others need communal help and understanding in sharing their emotional and daily experiences for a positive outlook.

Here is a list of some really helpful blog that would help Lipedemic patients in their search for information and companionship:

· Lipese blog- This blog is written from a simple but intelligent perspective of Tatjana van der Krabben, a Lipedema patient who guides you through the maze of various surgical procedures available and why you should choose your doctor’s expertise over preferred treatment. Do have a look on her other informative sections.

· Talk Lipoedema- This blog is full of accounts of various brave women who are trying to lead a normal life in spite of suffering from Lipedema since young ages. Please have a look at the link to Cara Jones interview to Mirror where she visually recounts her life story as a Lipoedema patient.

· Big Leg Woman- All those women looking for some pep-talk, please take a hint from Jane, she is vivacious, bold, interesting and has coloured her hair red! In her own words her disability from advanced Lipedema won't stop her from being awesome. Watch out for her inspirational words and her zeal to spread the awareness.

· Living with Lipedema- Sarah Bramblette is Lipedemic and yet unapologetic about her use of the F-word. Yes, she sees herself as fat but in her own words fat need not be perceived as necessarily negative. And no, she is not calling you fat either. Read her blog to receive wisdom on body-image, true for every women.

· Lipedema Simplified- This blog has everything about Lipedema in a simplified and medically authenticated manner. Do check out their categories on anti-fat bias, courage and body image.

· Cure Lipedema- Control your Lipedema with this blog offering easy suggestions on healthy diet and exercise front.

· Lipidema.blogspot- Looking for that perfect massage oil? or other product reviews? This blog could be your saviour. Not to forget it is being read in 88 countries!

· Lipoedema Ladies- Another medical informative blog on nitty-gritty's of Lipoedema. Read it to know more.

Always remember, Lipedema is not the end of your life. Go out and enjoy your life in your therapy garments and spread the awareness.

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