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Can Diet Alone Manage Lipedema?

About Lipedema

About eleven percent of women are affected by lipedema. It’s a condition that results from the irregular distribution of fat in the body. Often mistaken as obesity or lymphedema, lipedema cause the affected parts to get easily bruised. Although it’s not a life-threatening condition, women with it are often advised to stick to a lipedema diet.

One of the serious consequences of lipedema is limitation in mobility. Fat continues to build up as the condition progresses. As a result, a person may have more difficulty in movement especially if the lower part of the body is affected. When left unmanaged, lipedema can result to another condition called lymphedema. This happens when fat cells interfere with the flow of the lymph.

Managing Lipedema

There are different ways to manage lipedema. These methods aim to prevent further disability from the condition.

Diet and exercise are often recommended to prevent further worsening of the lipedema. There are cases of women who complain of worsening of lipedema symptoms after eating processed food and food items containing yeast like wine.

Women who have or at risk for developing lipedema are encouraged to have a healthy diet. Part of the lipedema diet are foods rich in protein like chicken and fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats like nuts and avocados.

Other Ways of Managing Lipedema

While diet and exercise play important roles in keeping lipedema from progressing, they are not enough to manage the condition. Other ways to manage lipedema include manual lymphatic drainage and the use of compression garments.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a manual treatment technique that makes use of different strokes to manipulate the lymph vessels. This gentle massage helps promote the flow of the lymph, relieving discomfort and preventing fibrosis.

The use of compression garments is another way of managing lipedema. The increased pressure from these garments reduce the chance of fluid buildup; hence, preventing the development of lymphedema.

Aside from sticking to a lipedema diet, the use of compression garments from Bioflect can provide you with pain relief from lipedema. These garments stimulate the flow of the lymph which helps prevent the progression of lipedema to lymphedema.

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Posted by: on 9/27/2016
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