Characteristics of Lipedema

Women with lipedema legs usually have symmetrical, large lower limbs. A distinctive characteristic of this condition is a pad of fat below the knees. In some cases, patients have areas on their thighs where it can look like saddle bags. When someone develops lipedema, it would look like she has a pear-shaped body as the buttocks, hips, and thighs tend to be larger than the rest of the body.

Bruising is common among those with lipedema legs. The skin also feels cold and looks pale because of the increased amount of fat deposit under the skin. Another distinguishing characteristic of lipedema is pain. The very loose tissues of the limbs are very tender or painful to touch.

Pain Relief for Lipedema

There is no treatment for lipedema but there are methods to alleviate the edema, pain, and other symptoms associated with this condition. These include the following:


Liposuction is one of the most common methods for alleviating the symptoms of lipedema. However, there is a specific type of liposuction recommended for this condition. It’s liposuction using tumescent local anesthesia with a vibrating micro cannula.

It’s important that when you undergo liposuction for lipedema, you choose a surgeon who is skilled in this area and someone who has done it for patients with lipedema legs.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is usually recommended for those with lipedema who experience pain when touched. MLD shows to be effective in reducing dependent edema and lymphedema.

As to how frequent and how long each MLD session depends on the severity of the lipedema  and the presence of lymphedema.

Compression Garments

The use of compression garments such as Bioflect's compression leggings should be worn daily by those with lipedema legs. Wearing of compression garments helps in improving the lymph flow  and supports the loose connective tissues.

Choosing the type of compression garment to use depends on the severity of the condition and the presence of lymphedema.

Bioflect Therapy Garments has a range of compression garments made for people with skin conditions like lipedema and lymphedema. Utilizing the latest fabric nanotechnology, those with lipedema legs can experience the healing benefits of far infrared rays.

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