Yoga is more than just about calming your mind and improving your strength and flexibility. It’s about improving your overall health. Lymphatic yoga is a proof to that. It’s a form of yoga intended to improve the lymphatic system and the immune system as a whole.

About the Lymphatic System

Lymphatic system is a network of tubes that play an important role in draining excess fluids from the body’s cells. The system then returns it to the bloodstream for filtering and excretion. It’s basically comprised of the lymphatic vessels and capillaries, the lymph (the fluid inside the vessels), and the lymph nodes.

The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system which means that it helps protect the body from infections. It also has a role to play in returning fluids that have leaked from the blood inside the cells. Hence, when the lymphatic system is compromised, both the cardiovascular and immune systems will be affected.

Lymphatic Yoga Poses

Unlike blood, the movement of the lymph is dependent on muscular contractions which can be achieved through body movements and diaphragmatic breathing.

Lymphatic yoga involves certain poses that stimulate the flow of the lymph. Some of these poses include the following:

  1. Downward facing dog
    The downward facing dog, which resembles an inverted V-shape, stimulates blood circulation of the entire body. It stretches different parts of the body including the shoulders, spine, and the legs. It also helps build strength, fight fatigue, and improve overall immune system function.

  2. Bridge pose
    The bridge pose is one of the most recommended poses for those with weak lymphatic system. A great chest opener, this pose improves blood circulation and stimulates the thymus gland. It also stimulates the nervous and endocrine systems.

  3. Bow pose
    Usually done for strengthening the abdomen, the bow pose stimulates the thymus gland and some areas of the lymphatic system closest to the chest.

  1. Cobra pose
    The cobra pose is usually part of the sun salutations. It stimulates the thymus gland and helps in strengthening different areas including the spine, shoulders, and the abdomen.

  2. Legs up the wall
    This lymphatic yoga pose lets gravity do the work so you can relax. When doing this pose, make sure that you are positioning yourself as close to the wall as possible. For best results, stay on this pose for 5 to 10 minutes.

These are just some of the lymphatic yoga poses you can try to improve the overall health of your lymphatic system.

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