Obstruction in the Lymphatic System

Lymphedema arm sleeves are usually prescribed to people who have problems with their lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in the body. Its over 600 lymph nodes (also known as its “collection sites”) and a network of collecting vessels have a role to play in eliminating wastes from the body. When something happens that causes blockage of the lymphatic system, toxins can build up, creating a suitable environment for diseases.

Lymphatic obstruction can either be due to a primary or secondary cause. Primary causes of lymphatic obstruction include Milroy’s disease and Meige’s disease. These are rare genetic conditions that cause problems in the structure of the lymphatic system.

Using Therapeutic Compression Garments

Obstruction in the lymphatic system can also happen as a result of the removal of the lymph tissue (secondary cause). This is common in breast cancer surgeries. It is for this reason why women who underwent these surgeries especially those that involved lymph tissue removal are advised to wear lymphedema arm sleeves. These therapeutic garments help in promoting good lymph flow and hence, help in preventing arm swelling.

Therapeutic compression garments such as lymphedema arm sleeves are useful for individuals suffering from obstructed lymphatic system. These arm sleeves help reduce toxin buildup as the added pressure they create on the area keeps the lymph in moving in the right direction.

The use of these therapeutic garments is usually part of the overall treatment plan for lymphedema. They are highly beneficial for those suffering from mild lymphedema (stage 0 or stage 1).

To make the most of the benefits of these lymphedema arm sleeves, it’s best to choose one that’s made from quality materials.

Bioflect Therapy Garments make use of bioactive fiber that enable the body to absorb far infrared rays which promote healing. Its compression garments for lymphedema are effective in controlling swelling and fluid buildup.

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