Top Lymphedema Blogs to Stay Connected


There comes a time in every Lymphedema patient’s life when one feels the need for a friendly shoulder to lean on and reliable advice. Lymphedema blogs are a great way to connect with your friends online “who have been there and overcome all”.

Lymphedema, as you would now be familiar from our previous lymphedema blog posts, is a severe inflammatory condition post radiation therapy, mastectomy or lumpectomy where lymph nodes are irreversibly damaged and lymphatic fluid accumulates in the surrounding areas like arms and legs.

The plethora of instructions regarding the do’s and don’ts of lymphedema can be mind-boggling for some patients and they may feel bogged down with the onslaught of instructions along with the restrictions on their daily day-to-day activities.

Lymphedema blogs hence provide a good platform to lymphedema patients for interaction with fellow lymphic people and sound guidance by lymphedema therapists and doctors.

These lymphedema blogs often have inspiring testimonies or real-life stories by other lymphedema patients in their own words about their struggle with lymphedema and eventual improvement in their conditions, thereby leading normal and happy lives like before.

Following is a list of top lymphedema blogs that would help you stay connected with your friends and lymphdema specialists and that too just a mouse click away!

Lymphedema Blog

Joachim Zuther is a well known lymphedema specialist and founding member of North American Lymphedema Education Association (NALEA) and Lymphology Association of North America (LANA). He is also the author of Lymphedema Management- The Comprehensive Guide to Practitioners and thus his blog is a treasure chest of knowledge on controlling the severity of lymphedema.

Do check out his latest blog on how to take care of lymphedema compression garments for daily use. What’s more? He is the Lymphedema Guru and you can contact him directly via his facebook page by the same name. Go check this blog out right away!

Lymphedema Community

A dedicated community for contributing and sharing of experiences by a number of lymphedema patients as well as those by doctors and therapists will surely to add to your knowledge about lymphedema and pep you up in case you are feeling low.

Lymphedema Girl

An attractive Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven inspired user interface of this blog is only the tip of the iceberg. In the words of the anonymous 41 years old female lymphic blog writer, this blog chronicles her life as a lymphedema patient and is a place where she can interact with fellow patients and share her knowledge.

The personal tone of her blogs on struggling to find a new job and her love life is truly inspiring. Hats off to her fighter’s spirit. Read on to be inspired yourself.

The Lymphie Life

Alexa Ercalono is bold and does not shy away from baring her swollen ankles. Her “daring to bare” act is a proud declaration of living her life on her own terms. An avid blog writer Alexa’s blog is visually appealing and engaging to read. From stories to news to tips-and-tricks to music therapy, she has it all covered. Words won’t do justice to this blog until you check it out yourself.

There are other cool lymphedema blogs as well. All you have to do is embark on your blog reading journey and find out what you like yourself. Always check out our LymphNymph blog for information and advice about lymphatic disorders.

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