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Micro Massage

Bioflect® line of therapy garments for cellulite reduction and lymph support for lymphedema, lipedema, and edema related conditions are powered by advanced micromassage knitting. The fabric features a raised 3D ripple knit, which facilitates a continuous massaging effect on the skin. Micromassage along with the regenerating compression and FIR technology, enhances the body's circulation and helps improve drainage of stagnate liquids in the body. Improved circulation as well as improved lymphatic drainage are effective aids in cellulite prevention and reduction as well as valid support for lymphedema, lipedema, and edema conditions.

The Raised 3D Ripple produces diversified pressure points against the skin, creates a gentle and effective micromassage effect with your body's natural movements. The highly elastic, compressive nature of the fabric, enables a continuous and effective micromassage effect.

Bioflect ® Corrective Textile Action from its Advanced Micromassage Knitting supports micromassage and drainage with each body movement. Its double weave technology simulates manual massage techniques with natural body movements.

Massage has been proven scientifically as an effective aid in cellulite reduction as well as provide support for a host of other conditions such as lymphedema, lipedema, edema, arthritis and pain. Cellulite, for example, is caused by retained liquids trapped in the body's subcutaneous connecting tissues. Cellulite is common in individuals that have inefficient lymphatic drainage in the subcutaneous layer of the skin, where cellulite resides. These trapped liquids cause the ugly, bumpy, orange peel like appearance of cellulite. Massage is a classic and effective intervention method which improves blood circulation, and has been shown to facilitate drainage of stagnate liquids and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Bioflect® simulates the massage technique with its exclusive corrective micro massage textile that works with the body to rid it of excess fluids by boosting micro circulation in the infinite system of lymphatic and venous blood vessels just beneath your skin.

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