Plus Size Compression Garments

Wearing of Compression Garments Post-Surgery

Some post operative patients can be seen wearing plus size compression garments. These are special kinds of garments that are distinct for their elastic properties. Commonly worn by athletes, compression garments are also worn by those with lymphedema, cellulite, and lipedema. Plus size compression garments can also be worn as part of post operative pain management.

To understand how these garments work in alleviating pain, it’s best to understand first what causes pain after surgery.

Understanding Post Operative Pain

Pain after surgery is normal. It’s a response to the tissue trauma during the procedure. The trauma stimulates the central nervous system, making you sensitive to any sensation.

The tissue trauma during the surgery triggers the pain receptors. These, then, send messages to the spinal cord which eventually becomes overstimulated. This overstimulation makes interpretation of any stimulation, whether painful or not, as unpleasant. Hence, after surgery, one feels pain even with slight movement or touch. This is also the reason why you feel pain in areas that are not even directly involved during the surgery.

Using Compression Garments for Pain Management

Although further research is needed in order to determine the exact mechanism on how compression garments work in reducing pain, previous studies suggest that it have something to do with the garment’s ability to reduce the swelling and inflammatory processes related to muscle damage.

In these studies, it is suggested that the compression of the limbs lead to change in osmotic pressure. This consequently leads to reduction of inflammation and pain.

Compression garments come in different forms. To make the most of the benefits of these therapeutic garments like the plus size compression garments, then you must learn to choose one that suits your needs. It’s also important to learn how to wear it properly and selecting a compression garment that doesn’t compromise comfort.

At Bioflect, we have therapy garments that make use of the infrared technology. The compression garments are specifically designed to absorb the body’s natural Far infrared rays and reflect them back to the skin. This mechanism promotes blood circulation which helps in pain reduction.

We have a wide range of therapeutic garments including plus size compression garments. Check out our store to see the full range of products that we have.

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