Plus size compression leggings

Plus size compression leggings have increasingly becoming famous these past few years. This is due to the growing concern of many women on cellulite.

Also known as cottage cheese skin, hail damage, and orange peel syndrome, cellulite affects over 90% of women worldwide. It is characterized by dimpled, lumpy appearance on the skin. While it can develop on both men and women, it is more common among the females. In fact, in studies conducted on women in over 10 countries, it shows that women in these countries have cellulite.

Because of the unsightly appearance of cellulite, many innovative companies including those in garment industry have come up with solution. Hence, these days, it’s common to find anti-cellulite products like plus size compression leggings.

How Compression Gear Works?

Compression products like socks, calf sleeves, and tights are no longer new. They have long been used by athletes especially runners. These products are highly engineered and are made with elastic gradient compression fabric which molds various parts of the body and improve blood and lymphatic flow. In sports, these products are meant to improve performance and speed up recovery from injury.

Compression leggings are increasingly becoming popular among women especially that they are claimed to reduce cellulite. They are specifically created to improve micro circulation and in turn, improve lymphatic drainage.

The Effect of Lymphatic System on the Development of Cellulite

When there is poor lymphatic flow, the septa or the fibrous connective tissue that partitions the hypodermis becomes stiff and adheres more to the fat cells. This poor circulation also leads to the hardening of the surrounding tissues, causing the blood to reroute.

With the poor blood and lymphatic flow, the septa continually thickens and more fat cells are stored. As these fat cells continue to grow, they begin to protrude to the collagen, resulting to the distinctive appearance of cellulite on the skin.

Compression products like plus size compression leggings can therefore help in reducing cellulite because of its ability to improve micro circulation. When coupled with lifestyle changes, it’s possible to dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin.

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Image: Emilian Robert Vicol
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