Post Mastectomy Arm Sleeve

Wearing of Post Mastectomy Arm Sleeve

A lot of women who underwent breast cancer surgery are advised to wear post mastectomy arm sleeve for lymphedema. Lymphedema is a common problem after cancer surgery especially if the procedure involves removal of the lymph nodes.

Lymphedema can lead to swelling of one or both arms, legs, or the belly.While it is not life-threatening, it can be a source of discomfort especially that it leads to pain, skin changes, and feeling of fullness, heaviness, or tightness.

Compression Arm Sleeves for Lymphedema

Compression garments like post mastectomy arm sleeve are usually part of the treatment plan for lymphedema. They provide compression or pressure on the affected site that keeps the lymph moving on the right direction.

To understand how the compression arm sleeves work to relieve the symptoms, it’s best to understand what happens when a person has lymphedema.

In many cases of mastectomy, a few lymph nodes are removed. The removal of these lymph nodes disrupts the natural flow of the lymph, the clear fluid that brings white blood cells to help fight infection. When the lymph flow is disrupted, it can overwhelm the remaining pathways, leading to fluid accumulation. This leads to swelling, pain, and skin changes on the affected site.

Post mastectomy arm sleeve and other compression garments provide relief for lymphedema as it puts pressure on the tissues, preventing further fluid build-up and promotes proper lymph drainage. These garments also provide muscle support which further helps in pumping the fluid away.

Choosing the Right Compression Garments

There are different types of compression garments with each provides different level of support. Regardless of the severity of your lymphedema, you should learn to choose the right compression garment.

Choose a compression garment that covers the entire affected site. It shouldn’t be baggy or loose as it would defeat the purpose. However, it shouldn’t be too tight that it compromises comfort.

Bioflect Therapy Garments has a wide range of compression garments that provide enough compression without making you feel uncomfortable. Combining the use of unique FIR therapy fabric and advanced micromassage knitting technology, its lymphedema compression productshelp improve local circulation.

It offers high quality post mastectomy arm sleeve and other compression garments for getting rid of lymphedema.

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