post operative compression garments

Using post operative compression garments is an integral part of managing post-surgical pain and in your recovery. These garments are designed to help minimize bruising and swelling of the incision site.

The pain you feel after surgery is normal. It’s a combination of sensory and emotional components. Learning how to manage it after your procedure is important as it affects your recovery.

If pain is unrelieved, it can affect your sleep and physical movement and hence, increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary, and cardiac complications.

In contrast to what many people believed, pain medication is not the only key to manage pain after surgery. There are other ways to do it. Below are complementary techniques to manage pain after surgery:

1. Use of postoperative compression garments

For surgeries like liposuction and tummy tuck, wearing postoperative compression garments can make a difference in the post-surgical recovery. Wearing compression garments like Bioflect’s compression slimming vest tank allows your body to heal completely and smoothly.

After surgery, the fluid from your blood vessels and capillaries leak into your tissues. This can lead to inflammation, wound separation, and even infection. What the compression garment does is prevent this leakage from happening.

Choosing the right type of compression garment is as important as learning how to wear them properly. Aside from quality, you should look for comfort when choosing a compression garment. The more comfortable you are in wearing one, the more likely you are to wear it regularly.

Compared to traditional compression garments, Bioflect’s products have raised bumps along the inside to give you a massage-like effect and improving your blood flow. Bioflect’s compression garments have less compression which makes them more comfortable to wear.

2. Practice relaxation techniques

Deep breathing, guided imagery, and sleep-hypnosis are just some of the relaxation techniques that can help relieve post-surgical pain. Studies have shown that relaxation techniques can help in the reduction of pain perception.

In one study, it shows that patients who have listened to guided imagery tapes, before, during, and after their colorectal surgery experience less pain and require fewer pain meds after the procedure compared to those who did not.

3. Make sure you are comfortable with your treatment plan

Speak up if you’re uncomfortable in any part of your treatment plan as added stress and anxiety over these things can make the pain worse.

Bioflect is a manufacturer of high quality compression garments for cellulite, lymphedema, lipedema, and pain management. If you want to experience the benefits of postoperative compression garments without compromising comfort, then check out their products here.

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