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How to Reduce Cellulite Naturally

Reduce Cellulite Naturally

With summer and long days at the beach right around the corner many women are rushing to get their bodies back to their bikini shape. Many women are finding, however, that it’s not the weight that makes getting a bikini body difficult, it’s the cellulite. How can we reduce cellulite naturally?

Cellulite is the term given to the fat deposits just below your skin that usually appear on your things and buttocks, according to Casey McCulskey. These fat deposits usually appear in circles and lines. Cellulite appears as women age for a variety of reasons, including hormonal changes, poor diet and genetic disposition. Many women fear that they will have to pay thousands of dollars and use cosmetic surgery to fix their cellulite problems. Thankfully, this is not true. Cellulite can be reduced naturally. You can reduce cellulite naturally by doing a few simple things.

According to Casey McCulskey, the first step you need to take to reducing cellulite naturally is to eat a clean, alkaline, unprocessed diet. Eating a more organic, fruit and vegetable based diet will not only help to reduce the overall fat of your body, it will also help to remove toxins. The How To Remove Cellulite Naturally Blog explains that your body stores toxins in your fat cells, the fewer toxins you have in the body, the less your body needs these fat cells. In addition to eating more fruits and vegetable, another way to reduce the cellulite in your body naturally is to drink more water. This decreases the sugar and calories you would normally take in from juices and sodas. You should aim to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

In addition to a healthier diet, LovingFit stresses that exercise is essential to reducing cellulite naturally. Since cellulite naturally tends to occur in your legs and buttock it is important to do exercises that work this area of your body. A great workout that works this part of your body is to run uphill or on an incline. If you live in an area with hills, sprint up these hills for 20 minutes 3 days a week. If you do not live an area where there are hills you can adjust the incline on your treadmill or the intensity of your tread climber. These kinds of exercises help reduce cellulite for two main reasons. First, it helps aid in the loss of fat and increase in muscle tone which correlates to the loss of cellulite. Additionally it helps to increase blood flow to this part of your body, which naturally helps to reduce cellulite naturally.

In addition to an increase in healthy eating and exercise you need to increase the blood flow to the cellulite plagued part of your body. Before you take a shower take a firm bath brush, or even a hairbrush, and rub the skin with cellulite in a circular motion. Do this for about 5-10 minutes to increase the blood flow in the part of your body.

With summer just around the corner, women are rushing to get their beach bodies back. Older women are finding this not only includes shedding a few pounds, but also getting rid of cellulite. With summer vacations being expensive, many women do not have thousands of extra dollars to spend on cosmetic treatments. Thankfully, as you read above, you can get rid of cellulite naturally by eating right, exercising and increasing blood flow to the cellulite area. Getting rid of cellulite requires time, discipline, dedication but it is far from impossible. While you’re working on reducing your cellulite naturally, you should also consider wearing Bioflect® cellulite reduction leggings. Bioflect® anti cellulite garments not only help to reduce your over all look, but also increase circulation. Which, as mentioned above, helps to reduce cellulite. Following the above steps, you can get your beach body back naturally and for a fraction of the cost by doing these three simple steps.

Posted by: on 12/9/2014
Emily Griffin Date 12/18/2014
What a great site for me to find... I am 34 years old, and I constantly feel like I need to cover up my arms and legs because I'm so embarrassed by the cellulite that lurks in those areas! I truly appreciate the fact that I found actual advice on how to reduce cellulite naturally. I am going to check out your legging and sleeve products as well. Do they come in all sizes or are they one size fits all?
Ann Abbitz Date 12/26/2014
With all of the gadgets and promise-heavy creams out there, I have to admit that it's nice to see some actual advice on how to reduce cellulite naturally. Healthy eating, and exercise are two big points that I've heard before. However, one thing that I did not know is HOW exercise reduces cellulite. I simply thought it was due to the fact that by exercising you're losing weight. It's interesting to me that the increased blood flow spurred on by exercise is what reduces the cellulite!
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