Why You Have Big Calves

There’s more than one reason why some people have bigger calf muscles. If you’re one of those who are wondering what causes your big calves, then the following list can help you out:


Your anatomy can be the reason why you have bigger calves. This has something to do with the size of your Achilles tendon. It’s the tendon that attaches the back of the heel to the calf muscle. If you are born with a shorter Achilles tendon, then you are more likely to develop bigger calf muscles. It’s because the calf muscle has to extend further down your leg in order to meet the tendon.

What to do:
Since it’s still impossible to lengthen your tendon, there’s really nothing much you can do if you’re born with a short Achilles tendon. However, you can do something to keep your calf muscles from getting bigger. One way is by avoiding certain exercises that build large calf muscles like doing calf raises.


There are certain activities that can build up the calf muscles. This includes repetitive activities that force the use of the balls of the feet.

What to do:

Changing some of your lifestyle habits can make a difference on the size of your calf muscles. If you want to prevent having big calves, then you better avoid walking in high heels or quit using shoes with poor support.

Fat Tissues

People who are wondering what causes their big calves must also look into their body fat percentage.

You may have bigger calves as a result of too much fat in the area. Fat can bulk up the calves, making them look big.

What to do:

Maintaining a healthy body weight through a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity can help prevent in having bigger calves. It also helps to ensure that there is good blood flow in the lower extremities. Reduced blood circulation in the area may lead to toxin buildup in the lower leg muscles.

Wearing compression garments can help in improving blood flow in the lower extremities. Bioflect Therapy Garments have a wide range of compression garments that are made using the latest fabric nanotechnology. This helps in improving blood microcirculation.

What causes your big calves may be one or a combination of these factors but know that it can be managed.

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